One Dress Project

One Dress Project






The One-Dress Project's raison d'être(reason for existence) is to raise awareness and funds on behalf of organizations around the world that enhance and protect women’s health, reduce violence against women, educate young girls, and support women to play an active role in society.


The "One Dress" has been collectively designed and created by women from around the globe via online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, ASmallWorld, YoutTube as well as the One Dress Project Online Community.


Women from around the world were asked to share information about their lifestyle, personal desires, and visions for a better world. Women also shared, for the sake of this project, how their lives relate to one simple - but truly important piece of clothing - the DRESS. By sharing their likes and dislikes in fabrics, colors, necklines, silhouettes, seasons, etc. the "One Dress" was conceived, incubated and now released into the universe. 


With every One Dress you purchase the One Dress Project will give a young girl in need a new school uniform to assist her in continuing her education. “Wear One Share One”


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